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Shanghai IS Exhibition Services started as an exhibition booth design company over 10 years ago. Back then, our sole purpose was to offer only the best service and exhibiting experience to our clients at the offline national and international exhibitions. With time, we have expanded our offline services to events other than exhibitions, formal professional meetings, conventions, roadshows, and interior design with emphasis on industrial showrooms. Back in the days, showrooms have mostly been built at office buildings, and factories.


For many years, IS Group China has been constructing exhibition stands for national and multinational companies both in China and overseas. We are able to offer a full service for an exhibition show at all the major exhibition venues worldwide thanks to our extensive international network of offices and workshops. Some overseas assets are in our direct ownership while others are in the form of local workshops with whom we have been working successfully on many projects for many years.


Exhibitions and other events in foreign countries can often be stressful and demanding. Especially for those personnel who don’t often travel around the world. Or are not so familiar with the local customs and meeting venues. With us on your side, you also get a close support with all the big and small details regarding your exhibition show or meeting. We take care of the event organization so that you and your colleagues can focus 100% on displaying your company and acquiring new business contacts during the events.


Shanghai IS goes 2.0


In 2022 we have launched our 2.0 initiative. The concept is relatively simple. As the world is often changing on a sudden and short notice these days, our 2.0 concept allows our clients to adapt their global marketing activities accordingly and with great efficiency. Compared to 1.0 offline marketing assets from the pre-2020 era, the 2.0 is a combination of both “offline activities” and “cloud activities”. Both are working together to reach out to all segments of your desired target audience no matter where on Earth they are and what time zone they are in. As long as they have access to a computer and internet connection.


You will never hinder your prospects to earn potential business leads due to the inability of physical attendance at important business events again.


Video, navigation, sound effects, slides, interactive PDFs, multi plug-ins, multi forms, live chat, multiuser experience, VR, and more. Our cloud solution has everything needed to design and build virtual exhibition space, virtual showroom, other displays, meeting rooms, etc. It is meant to bring the show to your customers. But can also be used hand in hand with your offline exhibitions and events. More and more of our clients today are deciding for both offline and virtual exhibition stand for any exhibition occasion. An offline booth for those who are able to attend the show and a virtual one for those that cannot.



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