IS Group China at Automate Show in Detroit


After its appearance at the ATX West Show 2022 in Anaheim Convention Center (the suburbs of Los Angeles) just a few months ago, Flexiv Robotics made another overseas exhibition appearance. This time in the automobile capital of America of Detroit. With its 72 square meter exhibition booth, Flexiv proudly presents its technologically advanced robotic hands that can do wonders.


Designed and built entirely by the IS Group China, the exhibition booth was made to immediately impress the visitors with Flexiv’s technologically advanced and attractively designed products. As the products were the main focus and priority to be displayed during the show, the main booth’s structure this time was designed as a perfectly functioning background that supports the stage in front of it very well and works together with it to create a special high-tech atmosphere. Therefore, our designers have designed this exhibition booth on the principal of ‘‘less is more’’. With the majority of the exhibition space being occupied by the interesting robot arms. The booth is also complimented with the suspended sign that includes company colors, name and logo. It has been made to attract visitors from far corners of the exhibition hall and welcome them warmly to wander into Flexiv booth to learn all about their business and products. An amazing experience for the visitors and an excellent way to explain the brand to those who have met Flexiv for the first time in their lives.


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IS Group China


As a global exhibition and event supplier, IS Group China stands for a holding company of several local and regional assets that have been founded specifically for a direct support and management of your exhibition booth and any other kinds of events. No matter where on Earth, as long as there is an international exhibition venue that holds annual exhibition shows belonging to any industry, you will find us there as well. IS Group China therefore serves as an umbrella company to our headquarters in Shanghai (Shanghai IS Exhibition Services), local/regional offices and workshops, supply and logistical centers (including warehouses) and our exhibition data institute. This way we can cover most of the international exhibition venues globally and serve our local clients that have the need to exhibit or hold events other than exhibition practically anywhere around the world.


It has been our pleasure to organize another successful exhibition for Flexiv Robotics. We are looking forward to the next one!



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