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As a responsible exhibition booth design company and constructor, one of the major issues we constantly come across in our line of work is waste and its impact on the environment. When an exhibition stand structure fulfills its purpose at any trade fair or other events, it needs to be dissembled at the end of the show. A tedious job since there is much waste as a result and very few recyclables.Here at Shanghai IS Exhibition Services our foremost aim is to successfully implement three-dimensional marketing for our customers. This is an objective that we try to achieve as sustainably as possible. And that begins here in our company.For more sustainability in trade fair construction and exhibitions, it no longer suffices to just think about individual measures. Our approach is to question all the individual steps of the entire value-creation and from this, derive tailor-made solutions for our customers that will result in a better life-cycle assessment of their trade fair exhibits. What this means is that our company has adjusted its work processes and implemented new internal rules when it comes to designing, planning, manufacturing and setting up an exhibition stand. Whether in China or anywhere else in the world, our staff strives to make a lesser impact on the environment by making a better use of the material, chose environment friendly material over the material that pollutes the environment, design and build more sustainable exhibition stands and works hard to make and include exhibition stand elements that can be reused at next shows to come.


As a frequent CIIE booth constructor In China, the above environmental protection thinking and standards are especially important as the CIIE organizer demands less waste and more green materials when designing and building stands.


Therefore, as a responsible exhibition booth contractor in China, we have set ourselves the goal of reconciling environmental protection, creative design and high-end international trade fair construction.



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Environmental-friendly solutions that can be customized to your trade fair stand / exhibition booth?


That might sound farfetched, but it is not. The climate-neutral trade fair stand does not, of course, prevent environmental pollution. But it certainly reduces it and compensates for it. Much can be done already by simply using the new technology that makes the construction materials more ecofriendly and less waste. We would like to set the tone and be the pioneers. Which is why here at IS Group China we have developed an innovative new concept of ‘’Green Stands’’.


We look forward to supporting your quest for a climate-neutral trade fair stand. We would love to present to you the extensive range of our ecofriendly services and take you from the idea to the climate-neutral implementation of your trade fair exhibit. If you wish, we would be happy to provide you with detailed advice beyond the construction of the exhibition stand to enable your marketing efforts to bear fruit as well!


“We have not inherited the earth from our parents, we have only borrowed it from our children.”

CO2 footprint

The basis for all kinds of improvement in terms of climate protection is a company’s carbon footprint. This is calculated in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), and represents a starting-point from which to define climate protection strategies and activities for achieving the climate protection aims set out in those strategies.

Our own objective is a growth-adjusted relative reduction of our carbon emissions by 30% within 10 years.


By optimising our logistical processes and our own workshops, which can be monitored directly in terms of environmental protection, we are actively working to limit our carbon emissions. Our holding tanks collect rainwater, which is used to irrigate our lawns and plants, and also to wash our vehicle fleet. Harmful substances such as oil remnants are filtered off so that they do not find their way into the sewage system or groundwater.


We are making a small contribution to the general ecological improvement with the 100 m² water biotope located on our company premises.

Energy industry

When we designed our headquarters in 2000, we kept in mind the sustainable use of energy:

  • Workplaces optimally illuminated with the maximum amount of natural light
  • Centrally controlled lighting throughout the building
  • 90% of the heat energy we require is provided by pellet heating fuelled by the pellets we make ourselves out of waste wood (wood-chip machine)
  • Solar panels on the roof of our buildings provide an output of approximately 370 kWp (one of the region’s biggest non-commercial solar plants)


We advise our customers actively on the use of:

  • Environmentally neutral materials, such as water-based paints
  • High-grade materials with a long lifespan
  • Modular materials, such as laminate flooring
  • Materials that can be reused, such as old wall elements, that are converted into transport crates

In future, we will be using more:

  • Materials produced ecologically
  • New materials made from renewable sources

Waste management

We aim to pursue and develop strategies for consistent waste avoidance such as:

  • Production: responsible handling and recycling of raw materials
  • Planning of trade fair stands: Modular approach enables individual building elements to be used more often.
  • Transport: Strong, reusable packaging crates protect components against damage and reduce the amount of rubbish in exhibition halls.
  • Waste wood from the joinery is converted into pellets in our wood-chip machine.
  • Consistent recycling of all materials used in trade fair construction
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